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At the year 1905 Papailiou office started a significant effort in the funeral services sector with purpose to offer dignified services regarding the most difficult moment in a human’s life.

With ultimate respect, care, sensitiveness and discretion towards the family and the deceased, we have managed to offer a high level of quality until today and to make special ceremonies as the life of the deceased is.

In a moment that is by itself of significant importance and someone has to think a number of details as well as issues regarding this fact, we stand by your side from the very first moment until the last one offering safety, speed and efficiency without having to suffer more physically and psychologically.

For your benefit, we have chosen responsible and trustworthy associates in all over Greece and abroad.

Our long experience but also our dedication to the families that showed their trust to us, are some of the important reasons that our name is directly connected with top quality ceremonies throughout Greece.

We have the ability to fully organize every kind of ceremonies, such as funerals, memorials, exhumations, cremation, transfers of human remains – bones in any place within Greece and abroad, but also to arrange for all the necessary documents needed regarding the above as well as the body donation.

Comprehending the sensitive moment of grieving and the various emotions that an individual feels during this transitional period of his/her life, we thought it necessary not only to stay in the procedural part but also to add the psychological support for the family of the deceased in our services offered.

With this innovation in the field of ceremonies, our deep wish for you is not only to feel safe with the procedure of the ceremony but also with the psychological part, which is the hardest.

A funeral or a memorial hides a therapeutic part but also mirrors in a way the life of the deceased and that is why we support the family and friends to conduct a ceremony worthy of their beloved person always paying the proper respect.



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About us
About us
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