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The loss of a beloved person may be part of our life, but it will never stop being hard to accept it.

The grieving process that follows after such an event is integral part of the loss, which is quite different for each person.

Grief, depending on the relation, how close someone was to the deceased and the way of loss, is expressed in various ways and in different times.

Depending on the case, many people find it hard to move on in such a way so their lives become non-functional.

Comprehending that a person has to deal with the harshest reality, we also support that person in the psychological part in this phase of his life, which is of the highest importance.

With the help of experienced psychotherapist in the field of grief and in crisis issues within the family, you can express your sorrow, release the pressure and experience the funeral ceremony, which –on its longest part- hides a soothing action for the family and the friends of the deceased.

Psychological Support
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